Making Working From Home Work

First Thing's First Happy Saint Patrick's Day! 🍀🇮🇪🍻☘️ It may not be a great time for going out, but it's my hope everyone finds some small way to celebrate and have a bit of fun, since lots of

Deleting Facebook

Facebook For better and for worse, Facebook has come to embody both the best and worst parts of the Internet. Of late, it has championed the worst parts while the best parts are minimalized, so I

Announcing: Awesome Board Games!

Announcing: Awesome Board Games! A side project I've been slowly working on for a while is the Awesome Board Games list. What's an awesome list? It's a list of awesome things, for a particular topic.

3D Printing A T-Rex

3D Printing A T-Rex I've gotten into 3D printing, since about last April. Over the time since then, I've been trying to think of the best ways to use 3D printing, both the technical capability and