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Announcing: Awesome Board Games!


Announcing: Awesome Board Games!

A side project I've been slowly working on for a while is the Awesome Board Games list. What's an awesome list? It's a list of awesome things, for a particular topic. Generally these lists are hosted/kept on GitHub, a free to use site and service with code shared via the git version control system, issue tracking, and more. Anyone can have an account and contribute to public repositories, making it for a great place for open source softare and awesome lists.

Board Games!

Why? Why not! Board games bring people together, are a great way to interact and spend time with each other. Board games come in a variety of difficulty levels and many can be easily picked up by beginners. Board games come in a wide range of game play styles and most people can find one that suits them, or suits their mood.

What's New Since the Soft Launch?

I've cleaned up the documentation for contributions... a lot. Initially it was quite wordy, with the best intentions. But the moment it escalates from informing to confusing, it's too much documentation. If a person is new to git pull/merge requests or markdown, they should read the Contribution Guide first, whereas if you are familiar with git PRs and markdown, skip to the Formatting Example. They should be a bit friendlier and if anyone has any issues with getting started, please let me know!

The biggest visual change is that it now has a proper website. Not everyone wants to view a GitHub repository readme file. It works, gets the job done, and is familiar to a lot in the development community, but can be intimidating to outsiders. The site itself awesomeboard.games implements vuepress which brings with it a few niceties. The site is searchable, with resulting section titles, such as the name of a board game, as results. It also builds automatically on each merge into the master branch, which means that I should hopefully be pretty hands-off with contributions. If they're well formed, a la the formatting guide, then it should build itself out and deploy after any Pull Request is merged, with no further human interaction.

Please Contribute

Anyone can have a GitHub account and anyone can submit board games they think are awesome.


Curious as to how to contribute?

Contribution Guide

Want the short version of how to format things?

Formatting Example

Having trouble getting started?

Contact Me

Thanks for reading. I hope you contribute. Have a great game!